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Groton Neighbors is a member organization meeting the needs of Groton residents who are living independently, generally in good health, and who may be unable to do these household or technology tasks or driving for themselves.  Residents can apply and on becoming Members of Groton Neighbors will have a familiar and trusted place to call for assistance when needed.  Groton Neighbors provides a clearinghouse for linking a member with a request to another member willing and able to satisfy it. This service provides comfort and convenience to members while allowing them to maintain their sense of autonomy. Equally and strengthen connections and the sense of community across town.


The following services will be available to members:

Personal Transportation:  For medical appointments, groceries, grooming appointments, social, educational, and cultural opportunities. This is also the largest need in other villages, like Groton, with strong health, cultural, and social programs offered by existing organizations.

Household Chore Assistance: In-home, individualized assistance with chores beyond the physical capability of a member such as re-arranging furniture, changing light bulbs, or help with seasonal tasks.

Limited Technical Support: In-home, individualized technical assistance with cell phones, cordless phones, computers, televisions, and other electronic devices people rely upon.
ncreased Sense of Community through participation in member events and local activities

Affordable Annual Membership Fees are enabled by the volunteer nature of Groton Neighbors helping Neighbors.
To learn more about becoming a member call us at (978) 272-0123 or click here to E-mail Us