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Our Mission


The mission of Groton Neighbors is to help each other sustain independent lives at home and stay connected in our community.

As a member of the national Village-to-Village Network, we believe that this neighbor-to-neighbor approach to providing transportation services and household assistance together with the array of programs and activities in the Groton area will enable our friends and neighbors to remain welcome, vibrant, connected, and visible in our community.

Groton Neighbors Village Values are...

Inclusion: We respect and welcome all people and honor their dignity and independence.
Volunteerism: Volunteers are the heart of Groton Neighbors.  We value their expertise, appreciate their commitment, respect their time, and strive to ensure their work is meaningful.
Communication: We invite open, candid communication and welcome feedback from all.   
Collaboration: We work together both within Groton Neighbors and the community-at-large recognizing success depends upon respect and a caring commitment to each other.
Transparency: We are open and honest in the administration of Groton Neighbors and in dealing with others.
Privacy: We take seriously the privacy and security of our members and information they may provide.  We do not share any member information with anyone without prior permission.
Consumer Protection: We value the trust and security of our members by carefully and thoroughly vetting members and volunteers.
Lasting Community: Groton Neighbors is committed to being a viable member of the community for generations to come.  We believe our mission, our values, and our execution enable our members to remain active, independent, and connected to the larger Groton community.