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                                        Member Services
Personal Transportation Services
Provide personal transportation for a member (and optional assisting friend/relative) within Groton and surrounding towns up to 50 mile radius to:
Social, Church, Library, Medical, Exercise, Town Meetings, Lectures, Courses, Hair/Barber, Food Shop, Bank, Post Office, Hardware Store


Perform local pick-up/delivery on behalf of the member without the member present.
Prescriptions, Meals, Mail, Grocery


General Wellbeing Services
Take walks
Perform daily call-in safety checks (for limited time period)
Friendly Visits


Household/Handyman Services

Change light bulbs
Clothing organization/storage
Retrieving objects out of reach
Set up emergency notification system with relatives or friends
Turn mattress/Move small furniture
Bring in wood for stove or fireplace
Help with mail, checkbook, forms, and bills
Help arrange for services or appointments



Light gardening, stack wood

Clear snow from steps and walks

Move seasonal outdoor furniture

Pick up mail from outside mailbox


Short Term Recovery Period
Wash, dry, fold laundry

Light cleaning (Vacuum, sweep, dust, dishes, trash)

Change bed linens


Tech Support Services

Provide or work with professional tech support service to set up, train, configure and problem solve for the following devices:
Phone, Answering machine, Computer, Printer, Mobile Device, Router
TV, DVR, CD/DVD, Cable Box, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Remotes
Internet connections, E-mail, Software applications, Other networking equipment

Qualifications/Limitations: Groton Neighbors does not commit to providing all listed services under all conditions. We reserve the right to decline to provide a specific service due to the specific nature of the request, limitation of the member or volunteer or other factor.  In general we do not schedule or provide recurring services for an indefinite period of time. However, we do provide recurring services for a limited time period, such as a recovery period from illness, surgery or rehabilitation.