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Tech Support Services

A Groton Neighbors volunteer will provide or work with professional tech support service to help set up, train, configure and problem solve issues with the types of electronic devices listed below.

  • Phone, Answering machine, Computer, Printer, Mobile Device, Router
  • TV, DVR, CD/DVD, Cable Box, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Remotes
  • Internet connections, E-mail, Software applications, Other networking equipment
Groton Neighbors does not commit to providing all the services listed under all conditions. We reserve the right to decline to provide a specific service due to the specific nature of the request, limitation of the member or volunteer or other factors.  In general, we do not schedule or provide recurring services for an indefinite period of time.  However, we do provide recurring services for a limited time, such as a recovery period from illness, surgery, or rehabilitation.