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About Village to Village Network
The Village to Village Network (VtV) is a national peer-to-peer network established by and for Villages,  The mission of VtV is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging-in-place community organizations inspired, initiated, and operated by their members.
Villages are member-driven, grass roots organizations run by volunteers and/or paid staff. Typically, Villages coordinate access to affordable services including transportation, home repairs, social and educational activities, and trips. Many also provide referrals to vetted-discounted providers of products and services.  Villages also help create and reinforce the sense of community between members and the community at large.  Each Village is unique, developed according to the resources and needs of the community in which it resides.
The national Village to Village Network is a non-profit membership organization with offices in St. Louis, MO and a paid staff of three.  Its very active board and officers have extensive experience in starting and managing Villages.  Groton Neighbors has benefited from membership in the national Village to Village Network since our early planning stages in 2014.
To learn more about the national Village to Village Network click on the button: Village to Village Network