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The Village Concept

The Village concept is simply to create a safe, helpful community so we can stay in our homes as we age. In practice this happens through an organization of Member/Volunteers who help each other in simple but important ways that allow us to maintain healthy, vibrant, engaged lives in our community.  Groton Neighbors is part of the national Village to Village Network that provides support tailored to organizations like ours. 

Members Helping Members

Groton Neighbors is an all volunteer organization based on the age-old community tradition of neighbors helping neighbors.  Using mature technology and management tools enables Groton Neighbors to  operate without paid staff or a central office keeping cost of membership low.  Groton Neighbors offers a variety of personalized services such as transportation, help with light household tasks, and tech support for electronic devices in your home.

The True Value

The benefits of membership in Groton Neighbors, however, go well beyond personal services. The richness and value is measured in connections, fulfillment and engagement with fellow members of Groton Neighbors and the larger Groton community.  Having a volunteer network for support will give many of us the reassurance we need to stay in our beloved homes longer than we might otherwise be able.  It is independent living in the best possible community--our own!